Today is the second anniversary of The Caretaker, in which the Doctor takes a job as, well, a caretaker at Coal Hill School. However, he spends most of his time planting alien detectors and gatecrashing Clara’s English lessons than actually cleaning or caretaking (which shouldn’t really surprise anyone)!

And seeing as the Doctor’s got over 2000 years on the clock and countless adventures under his belt, it’s no surprise that now and again he slows down a bit and gets a 9-to-5 like the rest of us non-time travellers.


Our favourite Time Lord also took the role of Caretaker in The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe. After Madge Arwell helped the Doctor back to his TARDIS after crash-landing on Earth, he decides to give her and her children a very special Christmas to repay her for her kindness. Of course, his best-laid plans go slightly pear-shaped (or should we say, humanoid-tree-shaped), but it all ends happily with the safe return of Madge’s fighter pilot husband Reg for the most magical Christmas the Arwells have ever had.

Shop assistant
The Doctor was only stopping by for a social call, that’s all, honestly! He was done noticing things, and he definitely didn’t notice the electrical fluctuations around Craig Owens’s house and all the local people going missing. And he was just living in the moment when he got a job in the local department store to investigate a strange silver rat with glowing red eyes…!

UNIT scientific adviser
The Doctor was exiled to Earth at the end of The War Games with a defunct TARDIS, and spent almost half of his third incarnation working with UNIT as a scientific adviser. He worked closely with fellow scientist Liz Shaw, UNIT operative Jo Grant and of course the Brigadier, although at times, he and the Brig didn’t quite see eye-to-eye on certain things (the end of Doctor Who and the Silurians springs to mind).

Call centre employee
Filling in for Craig after he’d touched the ‘dry rot’ on his ceiling and fallen ill in The Lodger, the Doctor was rocking the phone lines at his new housemate’s call centre job, blowing raspberries at ‘rude Mr Lang’ and according to boss Michael, was brilliant at the planning meeting. Not bad for someone who ‘had some time to kill’!

“So… physics. Physics, eh? Physics. Phyyyyyysics. Physics. Physics. Physics. Physics. Physics. Physics. Physics…

I hope one of you is getting all of this down.”

Can you guess what subject the Doctor taught while undercover at Deffrey Vale School in School Reunion? That’s right, Art! 🙂

Just kidding, it was Physics, obviously! Although he didn’t really get up to much teaching in between investigating the super-intelligent pupils and the strange, new faculty staff…

He was pretty laidback in School Reunion, but we can’t really say the same for his teaching tenure as the ‘human’ John Smith in the 1910’s in Human Nature/The Family of Blood (think learning by rote, the cane, and giving a student permission to beat a fellow pupil for being “deliberately shoddy”. Not nice.)

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