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#ColdplayInIndia: A Head Full of Controversies — Crumplr

Look at your fingers. You know exactly what I meant by the word “fingers” even though I did not personally go to you and gesticulate at the area near your palm. This is because you and I have mutually agreed... Continue Reading →

Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat reveals the Doctor’s real name !

Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat reveals the Doctor’s real name ! Steven Moffat was asked by a fan about companion Clara Oswald’s memory. In his answer, Steven revealed the Doctor’s true identity. Whovians, prepare to freak out. ‘No one can... Continue Reading →

Doctor Mysterio Sneek Peek

Doctor Who’s relationship with Children in Need stretches back to 1983 and this year we were treated to a special preview clip from the Christmas Special! What can we say about the sneak peek? Well, the Doctor is on top... Continue Reading →

5 times the Doctor nearly settled down to the 9-5

Today is the second anniversary of The Caretaker, in which the Doctor takes a job as, well, a caretaker at Coal Hill School. However, he spends most of his time planting alien detectors and gatecrashing Clara’s English lessons than actually... Continue Reading →

The 2017 series…returning writers, cast updates and more!

  Back for the new series... Next year’s series of Doctor Who has reached its fourth recording block, with Episodes 5 and 9 going shooting in Cardiff during November. The BBC Wales production team has revealed to DWM some exclusive... Continue Reading →

5 times Daleks have broken our hearts

We’ve already seen Bill introduced to the Daleks and loved her reaction to Doctor’s oldest enemies! And how do we feel about them? Well, we can deal with the Daleks trying to exterminate anything that moves and we’re fine with... Continue Reading →

Is our universe real?

This the classic Cartesian question. It essentially asks, how do we know that what we see around us is the real deal, and not some grand illusion perpetuated by an unseen force (who René Descartes referred to as the hypothesized... Continue Reading →

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